Our transportation attorneys represent clients in a broad range of commercial and regulatory matters pertaining to rail, motor, and air carriage. Known for the depth of our experience in transportation litigation and appellate matters, we have participated in major cases involving rail mergers, state taxation of railroads, the creation of short line carriers, and various other cases of industry-wide significance.

When our clients’ matters raise discrepancies between state and federal regulation, which is not uncommon in transportation dealings, our team is well-versed on all facets of preemption. We have secured numerous dismissals based on federal preemption and successfully advised on appeals from adverse federal preemption rulings.

We are recognized as a leading firm in virtually every major area of rail litigation and regulatory activity, and our experience in high-profile cases has given us a thorough understanding of the complex and evolving issues in rail transportation law. In our motor carrier practice, we represent users of motor carrier services and operators of private motor carrier fleets in contract, commercial, regulatory, and Congressional matters. Our aviation practice focuses on representing foreign air carriers and other aviation interests in a variety of commercial and regulatory settings.