Daily Tax Update - November 29, 2016: IRS Announces Staffing Changes

IRS Announces Staffing Changes:  Today, the IRS announced new leadership in the Services and Enforcement, Appeals, and Tax Exempt and Government Entities divisions.  Kirsten B. Wielobob has been selected as the next Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement.  Ms. Wielobob currently serves as Chief of Appeals, where she oversees the independent administrative process for taxpayers contesting an IRS compliance action.  Replacing Ms. Wielobob as Chief of Appeals is Donna C. Hansberry, who is the current Deputy Commissioner of Tax Exempt and Government Entities.  Finally, David W. Horton has been selected as the new Deputy Commissioner, Tax Exempt and Government Entities, where he will be responsible for administering the tax law governing employee retirement plans, tax-exempt organizations, tax-exempt bonds, Indian tribal governments, and federal, state, and local governments.

IRS Finalizes Fee Increase for Installment Agreements:  Today, the IRS released T.D. 9798, finalizing the proposed fee increase for individuals entering an installment agreement to pay off their tax debts in monthly increments.  The fee for an installment agreement plan is now $225, up from $120.  The fee for a low-income taxpayer is now $43.  Other fees made final include:

  • Direct debit from a bank account: $107
  • Restructuring or reinstating an installment agreement in default: $89
  • Online direct debit agreements: $31
  • Online payment agreements: $149