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SNL Quotes Marc Spitzer on Top Priorities for Restructured FERC

May 31, 2017

SNL quoted Marc Spitzer in a May 29 article titled “Pipeline Applications to be Among Top Priorities of Reconstructed FERC.” The article discusses the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) lack of a quorum since the departure of former Chairman Norman Bay. The commission needs a minimum of three members to vote on rules, permits for energy projects and other major business. Once reconstituted, the commission will face a massive amount of business that has been accumulating during the downtime, and observers believe the unprecedented rush will dictate the FERC agenda for months.

Mr. Spitzer, a former FERC commissioner, says: “The policy issues are probably going to be the last ones. It is unfortunate, because they are very important," but "there are things that have to go." He adds, these things include declaratory orders for oil pipelines, gas pipeline certificates, tariff filings and filings that have statutory deadlines because they were postponed by a tolling order from staff while there was no quorum. A lot of electric cases are contested. "People are going to be burning the midnight oil on those."

The full article can be read at SNL (subscription required).