Campaign Finance & Political Law

Steptoe’s campaign finance and political law clients include corporations, trade associations, labor organizations, political committees, individuals, and tax exempt entities.  Our clients call on us for advice on all aspects of federal, state and local campaign finance, pay-to-play and lobbying law, and gift, travel, and entertainment restrictions.  Additionally, our team has significant experience advising clients on the federal executive and legislative branch ethics rules, the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the “revolving door” and other post-employment restrictions, and related civil and criminal litigation and enforcement matters.

Given the increasingly complex web of federal, state, and local government ethics and political law regimes, officers and employees must be aware of the laws governing their behavior and must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical and legal standards.  Further, recent pay-to-play rules governing certain political activities of those in the financial services industry (such as investment advisers and swap dealers) present new and challenging issues.  We offer detailed government ethics and political law compliance programs and training to corporations and organizations.  A comprehensive compliance program can assist in adherence, and can also provide a defense against criminal, administrative, and civil enforcement proceedings.

Numerous corporations, labor organizations, trade associations, federal candidates, political committees, and individuals have called upon the Steptoe team.  We have represented our clients before administrative agencies and civil courts on matters relating to violations of federal and state campaign finance, including the Federal Election Commission (FEC) challenges, government ethics, and political laws and regulations.  We have also initiated a federal and state campaign finance reporting service for large political action committees (PACs), and we have assisted in securing communications support for political committees’ fundraising and mobilization efforts.