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Steptoe is among the leaders in the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding the advent of the blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that powers Bitcoin and that will transform the way the world does business, much as the Internet did over 20 years ago.

Bitcoin is the just the first application built on top of the blockchain, but the possibilities for distributed ledger technology are endless.  Other applications built on the public blockchain or on private, permissioned ledgers have the potential to transform financial services, payments and asset transfers, securities and commodities trading, supply chain management, auditing and compliance, protection of intellectual property rights, insurance, energy, contracting and legal services, and the Internet of Things, just to name a few examples. 

Steptoe is part of the foundation of the blockchain industry.  Steptoe helped create and serves as counsel to the Blockchain Alliance, a coalition of over 25 of the leading companies in the blockchain space that is engaged with government agencies all over the world, educating them about, and helping promote the growth of, this technology.  We also serve as an advisor to both Coin Center and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, two of the industry’s leading advocacy groups, and to many of the industry’s leading companies.  We have also advised venture capital firms, financial institutions, companies, and governments on digital currencies and distributed ledger technology.

With an unrivaled combination of financial services, regulatory, and government enforcement experience, our Blockchain Team is uniquely positioned to help clients develop and implement blockchain strategies and navigate the complex legal and regulatory environment in the US and across the globe. 

For more resources about the blockchain and digital currencies and to learn more about our Blockchain Team, please visit Steptoe’s Blockchain Team site

Representative Matters

  • Advising the Chamber of Digital Commerce and Coin Center on legal and regulatory issues
  • Serving as counsel to the Blockchain Alliance
  • Advising prominent retailers on digital currency and blockchain issues
  • Advising prominent venture capital firms on regulatory issues involving the blockchain
  • Advising the world’s largest blockchain transaction processing company
  • Representing companies in investigations by the US Department of Justice, CFTC, and other government agencies
  • Advising financial institutions on AML compliance issues relating to digital currencies
  • Representing a large digital currency exchange in connection with an investigation relating to a cyber attack
  • Representing a blockchain analytics company in connection with government contract-related matters
  • Representing a fintech company with respect to FCPA and other compliance-related activities

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